Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Best!

What Cute Kids!

Easter Weekend

The Red Tricycle

Lucky Number 8

Parker picked up one egg at the city easter egg hunt this year and inside the egg was a slip of paper with the number eight on it. It told us were to turn it in. As we were walking over to turn it in we saw a table with games, bubbles, and a few small toys and we were thinking how cool it was that he had won one of these cool prizes. We turned in the slip and the man there pulled out this Red Tricycle! Parker was so excited he had won his own tricycle to ride. He was so proud of that thing! We will trust in the number 8 more often!!!

March 22,2008

Coloring Eggs

Coloring Eggs is becoming quite the tradition. Parker and Kennedy had a really fun time dipping their eggs. Parker was pretty excited to see the eggs turn colors! Kennedy had to plan out what she was going to do and hers turned out quite creative.

Friday, March 28, 2008

March 19,2008

Kennedy's Favorite BooksKennedy got invited to her friend's butterfly
birthday party and Kennedy insisted on going
as her favorite book character Fancy Nancy!

Every little girl should own these books!
We are thankful that Grandma
Susan introduced us to these fun
books! Little Nancy is quite
the Fancy girl!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

February 28,2008

Our little Girl is growing up....
Kennedy Turns 6 yrs old

It is hard to believe she is six years old today! It seems just like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Today she is a healthy,happy little girl who loves to read, color, and play with her friends. She is such a good helper to mom and loves her family very much. Kennedy we love you!

Birthday lunch at Wingers. Kennedy got a free kids meal certificate from her teacher for learning all of her sight words. She is a very good student.

We had a really fun day But looking forward to cake and ice cream tomorrow!

February 27,2008

Kennedy's First Loose Tooth

Kennedy lost her first tooth. She was so lucky because she got to have her Grandpa Jon pull it. That night she was so excited for the Tooth Fairy come that she kept waking up in the night. Morning came and she ended up with $3.00. Not bad for the first visit!

Kennedy's tooth became loose due to trying to undo her bike helmet with her teeth!

Hawaii February 18th-24th

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Think Pink Night

The Dixie State Women's Basketball Team hosted a "Think Pink" night. Supporting breast cancer awareness. The crowd wore Pink shirts and the teams wore pink shirts for their warm- ups and pink shoe laces. The men's basketball team honored some breast cancer survivors at their half time.

The kids had a really fun time dressing in pink. I didn't have to tell Kennedy twice because pink is one of her favorite colors. Even the scores table got into the spirit of pink! It was a really great night for such a wonderful cause.

Happy "Valentimes" Day!

Kennedy's Kindergarten Class

I am a room mother Kennedy's class so I
have to help with all the parties.

Thank goodness for Papa Murphy's
$5.99 heart shaped pizza. It really
made Valentine's Day fun!

Parker and Kennedy waiting for
their pizza!

Our Little Hula Girl

Kennedy has been taking hula lessons for
a couple of months and is really enjoying it!
The little group she is in does performances
as service to the community.