Tuesday, August 25, 2009


# 10........
Jeff's 32nd Birthday

His Favorite cake is his mom's Feathery Fudge Cake. I try to attempt!!!

This year Jeff had some meetings at Snow Colllege on his birthday so we just drove to my mom's in Fillmore and met him so he did'nt have to spend his whole b-day driving home.

We also got some FISHING in at chalk creek(up Fillmore Canyon).

Kennedy caught her 1ST first fish ever by herself, she was so proud of all 6 inches of it! lol!!!!
Porter and Jeff outside!

4th of July & Pat's Birthday!

Pat and his CHEESE CAKE his Favorite!

Opening his GIFTS!

Watching the Fireworks!

STILL Watching Fireworks!

Lady Antebellum Concert

Cluff HOOKED US UP with great tickets!!! Kennedy and I and my sister Julie went. And my little brother bummed the last 2 tickets for a date! (you know poor college student/post mission)


Great View and even better GREAT music!

Kennedy and I share a LOVE of going to to Concerts!
Water Fun! Swimming Lesson and the Splash Park!
Riggs LOVES the water!

Parks too!

Kennedy and Parker SPLASHING around!
After 4 weeks and each passing 2 levels of LESSONS they are swimming great!

Parker loves his GOGGLES. Won't swim without them!

Kennedy is a FISH!!!

Las Vegas Baby!

We went down to Las Vegas for my Uncle Les's Retirement Party. Thanks for all the great service you have provided the city of Las Vegas. You get the the THUMBS UP for being a great Firefighter!

We ate at the Famous Hash House! The plates of food were HUGE!!!

Mom and My beautiful Grandma!

Porter Wrigley!

Jeffery's Homecoming-2 Years in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The BROTHERS together again.

Our Family!
Jeff we are very glad that you are home safe and sound! Congrats on a job well done!
REUNIONS- The Cluff*Moody*LeFevre

G-pa and Porter in the HAMMOCK!

Camping at Panguich Lake-It was COLD! Thanks to our good friends the VEATERS for letting us use their trailor and showing us a good time-4-wheeling,scouting deer and elk and roasting starbursts! We love you guys! Always fun times!!!!

The LeFevre Reunion was held in Tropic at my grandparents B&B. We hiked and fished and ate lots of good food! Thanks Uncle Clark for the great Reunion!

Just imagine the laughs that go on in the boat with all of us! Oh and by the way I caught the BIGGEST fish that day!!!!! Rich's excuse he had gas on his hands!!!!

The CLUFF reunion was held in Park City. We had a great time spending time with Jeff's Family. Jeff and Kennedy went to Lagoon and we went swimming a lot. And the kids had a great time spending some time with their cousins. Thanks John and Carol for the great time.

The Heat Stroker-Jeff's Softball Tournament

Jeff got to play with some of his good BUDDIES the (5) Wright Brothers! He had a great time Until.......Warning some pictures might be graphic!

Oh and Riggs learned to CRAWL!

This happened Jeff broke his Knee Cap! He was pitching when he caught a ball and planted his foot to throw to first when he felt a pop! pop!. He thought oh no! He dislocated the knee cap and in the mean time going in or out his knee cap broke. OUCH!!! Him getting ready Surgery! He is in good spirits!

6 Pins and Staples and lots of PAIN!

Jeff was in a straight leg knee brace for 2 1/2 months. No driving. Try being his TAXI with his busy schedule!

UPDATE- Getting better each day. Lots of Physical Therapy! Thanks to Rick and his team! He is still in his brace but he is bending it and can now drive!

CALIFORNIA-Disneyland and the Beach!

On Kennedy FAVORITE ride It's a Small World!

Parker being FUNNY!

The Beach

The Cluff's (Minus Cluff home in bed) with Mickey!

The crew at the HAPPIEST Place on Earth! All in all it was a really great trip except we missed having Jeff there with us! Thanks everyone for your help on the trip with my 3 RUGRATS!
And #1........
School is Back in Session!!!!!

Time for a little R&R!!!