Monday, November 7, 2011

Dr. Suess Week 3-1-11

The kids have tons of fun this week!

February 2011 catch up!

Kennedy had a friend party. It was a lot of fun they watched a movie, ate pizza, made crafts, and played games. It was a Blast!

Thanks Whitty and Carlie!

The Family Party!

Kennedy with her teacher Mrs. Anderson on her birthday!

Things I Love About Kennedy
She is has such a Vibrant and Infectious Personality.
She is a kind person to all.
She loves Music-Yeah the Biebs especially!
She is a creative and has such a great imagination.
I love her Smile.
Her laugh is hilarious! And when you hear it you cant help but smile.
I love watching her succeed in soccer and watching her confidence grow.
Most of all I cannot imagine our family without our little Kendog!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

February 2011

DSC Basketball

February 19,2011
The Kids love going to the basketball games! They especially love the players and the friendships they build with all the athletes and coaches! They enjoy to wearing their Dixie shirts and like to make posters to hold up during the games. The kids have a lot of SPIRIT when it come to Dixie Athletics! GO RED STORM!

Dads and Doughnuts!

February 11, 2011
They have special reading days at school and this happened to be for dads! You bring your dad to read and eat doughnuts early morning before school! The kids love spending time with their dad! They had a great time!

You will have to bear with me! I have been a little (ok a lot) behind on the blogging. I am determined to catch this thing up!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm always playin catch up!

Rich got a hand gun for his birthday so we loaded up and went shooting! The kids had fun learning to shoot. And we had a great time with Rich and Carlye....It's always great to see them!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

DSC Basketball

The Kids and I love attending all the basketball games at Dixie. We have a lot of fun making posters, getting autographs from the players, Cheering for our teams, and most of all getting to see Dad! Jeff spends a lot of nights down at the arena and at least its a fun place to visit with him at work! You know we are a Dixie State family our closets are full of RED!

Here is another picture with the Jazz Bear from my phone!

January 3, 2011

It Snowed In St. George

The Homer & Cluff Kids!
L to R Hunter, Parker, Chloe, Kennedy, and Hanna.

The kids woke up to snow! It was a perfect day, they were out of school and got to play outside in it all day. And it even stuck to the ground for a few days! Rare cases of snow living in St. George. But we enjoy it when it does make a surprise visit!
Even uncle Jeffy came down to help roll the snowmen! Parker made his BatWars guy and of course Kennedy made hers a Snow Princess.

Porter just spent the day following Husker (He calls him "Hucker")around! What ever husker did Porter did! Including some puddle drinking! Yucky!!!! Boys will be boys!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy New Years

NeW YeAr'S EvE!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

December 2010

Christmas Morning

We had a fun Christmas this year in our new home! Lots of room for the family to play!

We headed down to to Mimi's & Papi"s for breakfast! And to mess around with the rest of the family. Our family is NEVER serious when we are together! SOOO Fun!

Great Grandma made her famous pancakes with apple cider syrup. YUM!!!!

Christmas Eve

Santa's Cookies and Letter (Parker left a ding-dong for Rudolph)

Opening Pjs

Dad's Birthday

I made my dad b-day cake from a recipe his mom use to use! (From Scratch)


Ward Christmas Party

Fun with santa

Chopper 5

Our school won a party with chopper 5 for reading the most weekly minutes! It was awesome to see the helicopter and it was fun watching our school on the news that night!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

November 2010 (part2)

Kennedy took 3rd place this year in photography. She did a great job! She took this photo from the airplane window while flying to Florida!

Parker's 6th Birthday

He had a very fun day which started at school. He received a birthday bag and got to bring his favorite treat to school. He brought TWINKIES! Funny kid he is! Later that afternoon Parker's adopted aunts Angie& LaNay took Kennedy and him Laser Tagging! They had a Blast!!! Then we topped the night off with dinner at Wingers and then headed home for cake and ice cream. And of course don't forget the presents!

Parker has never had a friend party and since we just moved into a new neighborhood we thought it would be fun. He had a pirate theme and it was great! All the kids loved it!

Parker and me!

Things about the birthday boy
He is really shy!
Loves to snuggle with his mom (Shhh! don't tell him I told you)
He is very honest. Sometime too honest!
Loves school & his teacher
Loves to explore and collect treasures
Loves playing the Wii and has conquered all the Lego games
Very Smart!
Has the Bluest Eyes-the kind that melt your heart!
Great Smile :)
I could go on and on!!!!!
I am so happy he is part of our family! We love you Parker!

November 2010 (part 1)


November 11-15, 2010
We got the awesome opportunity to go to CA to watch Dixie State Mens Basketball Team play in the Disney Classic. While we were there we had to go to Disneyland of course!!!! But this time was a little different Jeff's parent went with us and his sister Julie and two of our nieces. We did a lot of fun things and had a great time! It was also fun to go around this time because all the Christmas decorations were up. We love seeing the castle lit up this time of year!

KP and Parks

The new water show was awesome!

We love the rides!!! And fun to go with G-ma & Gpa!

The coveted spot on Thunder Mountain Railroad! The back of the train!

Savannah and Kennedy were dying to go 365 to get their hair and make-up done! It was a really fun process! A memory KP won't forget!

Did I mention we love Mickey!!!

Porter ready to go home! Sad to say goodbye!

Parker did an awesome job this year in soccer! I am soooo proud of him! It is always fun to go to his games and watch him play!

Monday, January 31, 2011

October 2010

Porter turned 2 on Halloween! He is a bright boy with LOTS of SpUnK! He is a always busy and I couldn't think of our lives without him!

Trick or Treating was a riot this year! Our neighbors own a business where the sell and maintain golf carts so they let us use one for the weekend! It was a blast trick or treating through the neighborhood on a golf cart. Thanks Jana and Aaron! Anyway the kids had such a fun day with family and friends!

The newest edition to the Moody family is Carlye Watts! And we are so happy to have her!

Kennedy got to go to see THRILLER with uncle Jeffy! And they went dressed as Harry and Miss Granger!


Ward Trunk or Treat

We had to go to Fillmore to help my parents move to St. George. It was fun to discover all of our old CRAP again! Great memories! I even found my old bike and my New Kids On the Block collection! Fun Day with the Fam! :)


The kids love to go visit day at work! My kids 2nd home DSC!