Monday, November 7, 2011

Dr. Suess Week 3-1-11

The kids have tons of fun this week!

February 2011 catch up!

Kennedy had a friend party. It was a lot of fun they watched a movie, ate pizza, made crafts, and played games. It was a Blast!

Thanks Whitty and Carlie!

The Family Party!

Kennedy with her teacher Mrs. Anderson on her birthday!

Things I Love About Kennedy
She is has such a Vibrant and Infectious Personality.
She is a kind person to all.
She loves Music-Yeah the Biebs especially!
She is a creative and has such a great imagination.
I love her Smile.
Her laugh is hilarious! And when you hear it you cant help but smile.
I love watching her succeed in soccer and watching her confidence grow.
Most of all I cannot imagine our family without our little Kendog!