Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Kennedy's Trip to Florida with Aunt Julie & Uncle Justin......9/18-23/2010
Kennedy got the opportunity to go to Florida with my sister and her husband Justin. Justin's Sister was going and invited them. Julie and Justin invited Kennedy because Justin's nieces are about that same age. And they thought the girls would have fun together and they did! They has a great time! They went to Disney World and Harry Potter World! Kennedy had a blast! I was worried she would get homesick without mom and dad but she did great. I guess Julie and Justin kept her so busy she forgot about us! lol Anyways Thank you Julie and Justin for the amazing trip! P.S. I was JEALOUS that they didn't take me but HAPPY :) for Kennedy she got that experience! Lots of pictures from their trip!

Ward Camp Out
The kids and I went to the ward camp out out with the our neighbors the Homers. It was a lot of fun. The kids played in the creek and caught crawdads and frogs. I swear we cannot go anywhere without catching some sort of critter! We ate yummy dutch oven potatoes and pit roast! We didn't camp overnight because Kennedy was going to Florida the next day and we had to get her home to pack. It was a fun night. Would have been better if Jeff was with us!

Parker has had a blast Playing soccer this season. He was even lucky enough to get a few classmates on his team. He has really enjoyed Soccer and he really, really enjoys going to get swig (Our Fav Drink Shop) after his games!

Happy Birthday Julie! We Celebrated by going to see FireHouse in concert. It brought back some Millard High memories for me! LoL Slow dances Baby! It was a blast though!Sorry some of the pictures are not that great!

We decided last minute to go to Sand Hollow with the Homers instead of staying home and finish unpacking and organizing the garage. which I am glad we did! It was a Blast!!!! They are such a fun family to be with!

FOOTBALL The Kids Love Dixie State Functions! I guess you could say it is Home away from Home! This happened to be the Homecoming for Dixie. The Kids love sitting with Whitney, Carlie, Brett, Bree and Berkley. We have lots of fun cheering Dixie on!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catch up for August!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catch Up for July

For the Moody Reunion we went to Cedar City up by Navajo Lake. It was a little rainy but the weather ended up cooperating and it turned out really nice! Gorgeous Scenery! Great to catch up with all the cousins!
The Hammock is one of my dad's favorite things to bring camping. I think it is so he can lay in it with the kids. They love it!
Rich is always building fires when we are camping. The kids always know WHO to ask!
My Boys are little crazy people. Porter is non stop all the time. And as for Parker he is my little quiet collector. He carries a tackle box everywhere he goes with all his treasures. They are always silly together!
They had little Arts and Crafts for all the kids and they made rock people. Can you guess who Kennedy choose to do? One of her favorite's-Grandpa Jon

Kennedy is my little Animal Lover! She loves the outdoors and she always has some sort of bug or creature she is taking care of.

Catch Up for July

Catch Up for July

We had a great time in Tropic staying at the Bed and Breakfast. We got to celebrate Grandma's birthday and visit with the all Family. And it just wouldn't be a trip to Grandma's and Grandpa's without taking the boats to Pine Lake to fish. I know my uncles hate a using their boats but they always put up with us! Thanks Uncle Les and Uncle Clark! We have so much fun laughing and messing around! I am really surprised one of us hasn't drowned! All in All fun trip!

Catch Up for July

Well we got all moved in finally! We still are unpacking but that will take a while to get everything put away and organized. I just want to thank our families for coming to help us move. Pat and Jet, Rich and Carlye, My Mom and Dad, John and Carol, and everyone who helped us move all our CRAP!!! Thank you for putting together furniture, install fans, and everything else. We are very grateful to have a good family! We love you guys and appreciate you!
We had a lot of hard work to do but also had a lot of fun ! You know pat what a GOOF!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This is what happens at the Cluff family parties!
It was freaking hilarious though!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Well all summer Kennedy has been reading all the Beverly Cleary books. She has been dying to see this movie! So on Tuesday I took Kennedy and Parker to meet up with Aunt Julie at the movie. I thought it was so funny! It was a really cute, clean movie. Parker thought Ramona was the girl version of Dennis the Menace. It was casted perfectly too! Joey King and Selena Gomez even looked like real sisters! Throw in a little Josh Duhmel how could you go wrong! Our family loved this movie! I'd even Pay to see it again!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank goodness for Skype when there is distance involved! Daddy on the road or Jeff and Angie and their long distance relationship. Or the withdrawals the kids are having with Pat not here anymore. Or fun to stay on touch with Abby in SD.
We Heart SKYPE!

But watch out when you are Skyping the Cluff kids because Pat taught them to take snapshots! You could be at your Best or your Worst! Just say Cheese! LoL

Jeff is in San Francisco at some work meetings and got to go to the A's vs. The Yankees. Sorry these pictures are not so great I took them with my phone of the TV. Jeff sat behind the plate on the fourth row. So if you were watching the game you probably saw him. He waved to the kids and got into some trouble. The TV people radioed down to security! Oops! It was fun to watch the game it felt like we were there with Jeff! And fun to watch with my dad because he was sooo jealous it was hilarious! Shout out to Potter too! He went to the game also!


Almost Done! Sorry for all you that are sick of house pictures I am trying to keep are families up to speed. We got a call that there is a possibility that we could close Friday now. Not for sure though! Back to the original plan I guess. MOVING Yuck! At least this time I am not prego!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well today started not so good because Jeff had to leave out of town for some work meetings and the kids were pretty disappointed that their Dad would not be here to celebrate the day with them. So I was determined not to let them down! We ended up eating hot dogs for lunch and making homemade ice cream (Yummy!). And Kennedy wanted to do this hairdo that we saw on Good Things Utah the other day (The Firework do!). Funny Huh! Then we painted toenails and fingernails. Kennedy really got into the Patriotic Spirit! And then to top off the Night we got the best view in town to Watch the Firework show. Thanks to the Leavitts for being out of town! Oh by the way another highlight was we got to hang out with my good friend Whitney (who we don't see enough). She is always a good Sport! And thanks to my brother Jeff who loves to spend time with me and the kids. Always a big help when Cluff isn't around! All in all the day didn't end up so bad but we still MISSED our DAD! We love you Jeff!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well as you can see our house is coming along. We are very grateful and are really excited! We did receive some bad news though! Our closing date was pushed back a few days so it will be the 12th instead of the 8th. Just few days won't hurt us I GUESS!

Friday, June 25, 2010

This was TODAY! Crazy! The stone finished. If you don't like it Jeff got to pick the outside stuff. I think he did great! Starting to tile the roof. And the driveway poured. The were doing the finish work inside so we couldn't take pictures. But they are on schedule to paint the inside tomorrow. Closed date set for July 8th! We will keep our fingers crossed!

I don't know the correct terms for all this house stuff but it is going tooo fast! The stucco and the walls ready for paint!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Are Bombers!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010

June 11, 2010

Jeff had to leave Monday for work and all there was was a slab of cement! And to his surprise Friday when he arrived home was a house! He was pretty excited to see all the progress that had been taking place over the week!