Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family Update

I know! I know! It has been a while since I updated my blog and I am really sorry about that, I think that there was so much to update everyone on that I got overwhelmed with updating it! And pregnancy does not add to the motivation to do it! Well we have been on a world wind since the 4th of July. Jeff and I and my brothers Pat and Rich went to Chicago to see the Cubs play we saw 5 games and did some sightseeing there. We are trying to make it a family tradition every summer. I love Chicago!!!

We also made a quick trip out to Kirtland, Ohio to see Jeff's parents who are serving a mission out there. We had lots of fun visiting the church sites and Amish towns. We also got to see Jeff's brother Mark and his family which was so awesome to spend time with them because it is not very often we we get to do that! I could have done without the 10 hours of flying though! But it was worth it!

We got home on that Thursday and turned around to go camping for a Family Reunion in Torrey. It was so fun! The kids love to camp! We even got to go fishing and even caught a few big ones! Two of my favorite things to do Camp and Fish! I'm Serious!
We have had a busy August with the reunion, family visiting, and school starting. Can you believe my baby is in 1st grade. Kennedy is LOVING school and loves her teacher, we are still getting adapted to school lunch but we are working it out and the bus is still a little tricky! But i have to admit all day school is awesome!!! It has been so fun having Parker home by himself . He is really coming out of his shell especially because Kennedy isn't here to do all the talking!

September is starting to slow down a bit but, not much! The kids started soccer and Jeff is starting his busy season. As for me still Pregnant, Ornery and trying to revive from the summer. Trying to catch up on the scrap booking a bit! Trying is the Key! I hope all is well with everybody and I will post some pictures later.


Unknown said...

It's good to see your are still alive! I was beginning to wonder! Sounds like you guys have been BUSY!!

The Briggs Clan said...

Man I was beginning to wonder if you were still alive or not?! I am glad you updated, I love having the life line. I am so excited to see your new little guy, your the last of my friends who are having a baby this year! Do you guys have a name?

Emma said...

Hey Monica!
I found your blog through Sindy's. What a cute family you have! It looks like you guys are doing good. Isn't it crazy having a first grader?!! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy stuff and with the transition to three!

Nicole said...

Sounds like you guys have been having lots of fun. Sounds like maybe your ready for a rest. Better get it now. When are you due? I guess I could just look at your baby counting thing!

Shane & Laina said...

Hello Hello, good to hear the update. I love that you guys are travelers. I wish we did that more, it just seems a little overwhelming. Good luck with the coming adventures!

Justin and Sindy said...

Wow, you guys have been on the go--how fun! Can you believe we can almost say six weeks until our little boys come? ahahah!!! Ready or not, right?!

** Adrian ** said...

Monica--I found your blog through Nicole's! I was so glad to find you!! It sounds like you guys have been SO busy lately--HOW FUN!! I didn't go camping OR fishing at ALL this summer...what a BUMMER!! Hopefully next year I can go a lot to make up for it!! You look GREAT! I love your family photo/header! What a darling family! Your kids are so cute!!! I'm glad you're doing good!! Take Care, Adrian =D

The Case Family said...

I vote that next summer you come to Washington DC!!!!

Its very educational...history and all. Plus you could catch a Cubs vs. Nationals.

Think about it, talk it over.

We will have the space in our new house for company....yeah!!!

Take care Preggers! :)