Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Parker and the Blue Bombers!
Here are some cute pictures that my sister took of Parks at his
soccer game.They are so funny! I thought they did a great job
capturing just who Parker is!
(So thanks Julie for the great pics!)


Rand, Shem, Jake & Braden said...

He is so cute, I can't believe how old he looks in these pictures!

The Johnson's said...

I LOVE these pictures!! He is SO cute--totally a "Mini Moody"!! I love the post where you talk about him KNOWING that the baby is a boy & that he wants to name him Jack Sparrow--have you made any headway with that one?!? You have the cutest family!!

I am TOTALLY jealous of your upcoming Hawaii trip--how close will you be to your due date when you go?!? I think a trip to Hawaii sounds AMAZING--aaaahhhh! I hope you get a GREAT break while you soak up the sun!

The Johnson's said...

Monica--you must think I'm CRAZY!!! I replied to YOU about a trip to Hawaii that my other friend, Monica wrote to me about! I guess I need to look closer at who I'm replying to!! SORRY!!! =D

The Case Family said...

Hey...Happy Birthday yesterday! Hope you had a nice one! We closed on our house yesterday and are now in transit...moving!

Take Care, Melissa