Sunday, January 4, 2009


Christmas Day
We had an awesome Christmas at home this year with just the kids
and us! It was so fun! Here are a few random pictures from our
eventful day! WARNING! It's a Long One!
We just woke up! 8:30 not to bad!
Parker and his new Play dough desk!
Porter slept through his first Christmas!
Kennedy and her favorite show ever! Jon & Kate seasons 1&2
Jeff and Parker
"Look Mom! Me a Reindeer!"
Kennedy got Jeff this calender at her book fair.He loves to
visit all the different ball parks.
Santa brought the family a Wii and here we are enjoying
Parker's new quilt and playing cooking mama on the Wii! There
was some major gaming going on! Jeff and I were the worst! LOLSanta wrote back to the kids to thank them for their good
cookies and even used our computer to type them a letter!
Grandma Susan and Grandpa Jon got the kids these cute
Fisher Price digital cameras. Here are the kids testing
them out on one another. Thanks Gpa & Gma!

Grandma & Pa Cluff came down to visit the us and brought us
some cute gifts. It was fun to see them!

All Tuckered out! Ya Think! They all fell asleep watching their new Christmas movies. Jeff got the James Bonds, Kennedy -Jon and Kate plus 8, Parker- The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Over all I think the Cluffs had a great Christmas!


Justin and Julie said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I need to come and play some cooking Wii!

Jodi said...

Looks fun! I am jealous of Kennedy's Jon and Kate shows! I wanted that for Christmas, and Brian refused to buy it for me:). You always have good ideas, I like the Santa letter:).

The White Clan said...

Thanks for the contest info! I hope to see you Wed.

Lewyville said...

Thanks for telling me about that give away today. Bummer I didn't win the nursing cover...but what a great website! Also, Kennedy and I have the same favorite show! I love John and Kate plus 8:)

Wade and Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, your kiddos are so big and beautiful! It's been too long. We'll have to plan a trip. Hope all is well.

Jenni said...
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