Monday, September 28, 2009

Las Vegas with the Cluffs

Jeff and Paul

On the strip and we went to the M&M Factory!

Parker and Kennedy in the arcade in the NY NY playing of course Star Wars! We had fun while waiting our party while they rode the rollercoaster.

Syd and Wrigley

Pool Time is always a must when staying in a hotel.

Parks and his goggles! Love them!!!

Even though we have a In-N-Out at home you still need a good burger wherever you go!

We had a really fun time watching Jack play Baseball-Jeff even got to help out a bit! We love to come watch him play any chance we get!
So hot we had to get a popsicle from the icecream man! The Idahoans couldn't stand the heat!

On our way home we made one more stop at the Toby Keith Bar for some lunch with our good friends Angie and LaNay. It was Lanay's Birthday so they went down for a few days! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANAY!



Aimee Fuller said...

Wrigley is so freakin' cute! I need to see this little guy in person! Vegas looked fun and I'm glad you guys got to have a little getaway and enjoy yourselves!