Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well today started not so good because Jeff had to leave out of town for some work meetings and the kids were pretty disappointed that their Dad would not be here to celebrate the day with them. So I was determined not to let them down! We ended up eating hot dogs for lunch and making homemade ice cream (Yummy!). And Kennedy wanted to do this hairdo that we saw on Good Things Utah the other day (The Firework do!). Funny Huh! Then we painted toenails and fingernails. Kennedy really got into the Patriotic Spirit! And then to top off the Night we got the best view in town to Watch the Firework show. Thanks to the Leavitts for being out of town! Oh by the way another highlight was we got to hang out with my good friend Whitney (who we don't see enough). She is always a good Sport! And thanks to my brother Jeff who loves to spend time with me and the kids. Always a big help when Cluff isn't around! All in all the day didn't end up so bad but we still MISSED our DAD! We love you Jeff!