Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catch Up for July

For the Moody Reunion we went to Cedar City up by Navajo Lake. It was a little rainy but the weather ended up cooperating and it turned out really nice! Gorgeous Scenery! Great to catch up with all the cousins!
The Hammock is one of my dad's favorite things to bring camping. I think it is so he can lay in it with the kids. They love it!
Rich is always building fires when we are camping. The kids always know WHO to ask!
My Boys are little crazy people. Porter is non stop all the time. And as for Parker he is my little quiet collector. He carries a tackle box everywhere he goes with all his treasures. They are always silly together!
They had little Arts and Crafts for all the kids and they made rock people. Can you guess who Kennedy choose to do? One of her favorite's-Grandpa Jon

Kennedy is my little Animal Lover! She loves the outdoors and she always has some sort of bug or creature she is taking care of.


Michelle Jensen said...

You are such a scrapbooker!! I love how you collage all your pictures, I don't know how to do that. Anyway, congrats.

Justin and Julie said...

Looks like a fun July!

The Threet Family said...

Those are such good pictures! Tell the fam I said hi!