Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Kennedy's Trip to Florida with Aunt Julie & Uncle Justin......9/18-23/2010
Kennedy got the opportunity to go to Florida with my sister and her husband Justin. Justin's Sister was going and invited them. Julie and Justin invited Kennedy because Justin's nieces are about that same age. And they thought the girls would have fun together and they did! They has a great time! They went to Disney World and Harry Potter World! Kennedy had a blast! I was worried she would get homesick without mom and dad but she did great. I guess Julie and Justin kept her so busy she forgot about us! lol Anyways Thank you Julie and Justin for the amazing trip! P.S. I was JEALOUS that they didn't take me but HAPPY :) for Kennedy she got that experience! Lots of pictures from their trip!

Ward Camp Out
The kids and I went to the ward camp out out with the our neighbors the Homers. It was a lot of fun. The kids played in the creek and caught crawdads and frogs. I swear we cannot go anywhere without catching some sort of critter! We ate yummy dutch oven potatoes and pit roast! We didn't camp overnight because Kennedy was going to Florida the next day and we had to get her home to pack. It was a fun night. Would have been better if Jeff was with us!

Parker has had a blast Playing soccer this season. He was even lucky enough to get a few classmates on his team. He has really enjoyed Soccer and he really, really enjoys going to get swig (Our Fav Drink Shop) after his games!

Happy Birthday Julie! We Celebrated by going to see FireHouse in concert. It brought back some Millard High memories for me! LoL Slow dances Baby! It was a blast though!Sorry some of the pictures are not that great!

We decided last minute to go to Sand Hollow with the Homers instead of staying home and finish unpacking and organizing the garage. which I am glad we did! It was a Blast!!!! They are such a fun family to be with!

FOOTBALL The Kids Love Dixie State Functions! I guess you could say it is Home away from Home! This happened to be the Homecoming for Dixie. The Kids love sitting with Whitney, Carlie, Brett, Bree and Berkley. We have lots of fun cheering Dixie on!


Angie Williams said...

I'm SO jealous Kennedy got to go to Harry Potter World! That's my dream.. haha. It looks like you guys are having lots of fun! Miss you!