Monday, November 7, 2011

February 2011 catch up!

Kennedy had a friend party. It was a lot of fun they watched a movie, ate pizza, made crafts, and played games. It was a Blast!

Thanks Whitty and Carlie!

The Family Party!

Kennedy with her teacher Mrs. Anderson on her birthday!

Things I Love About Kennedy
She is has such a Vibrant and Infectious Personality.
She is a kind person to all.
She loves Music-Yeah the Biebs especially!
She is a creative and has such a great imagination.
I love her Smile.
Her laugh is hilarious! And when you hear it you cant help but smile.
I love watching her succeed in soccer and watching her confidence grow.
Most of all I cannot imagine our family without our little Kendog!


Michelle Jensen said...

That was so nice to have a big friend party. Kennedy reminds me of our little fashionista Cately. She looks so cute in all of her outfits especially in her school with her teacher. It just is something Cately would love :) Hope you guys are enjoying life in sunny St George :)

Karan Trara said...

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